Linkage is an elderly monitoring ecosystem. This iF award
winning  design consists of a wearable device for senior
citizens, and a mobile app for their family. The wearable
monitors pulse rate, offers reminders to the elderly user,
and sends emergency alerts to their family. It also connects
the elderly user with their family over voice messages and calls. 
With these key features, the device lets the elderly and family
members  enjoy their independence and private space,
while assuring immediate help in the hour our of need.
Self initiated project
Team size : 2
Key contribution : Concept generation, Wire framing, System Design, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Product design.
Duration: 3 weeks
Tools :  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Auto CAD, Balsamiq, Adobe After Effects, In-vision
Press : Recipient of the IF Design Talent Award : Linkage was exhibited at iF’s museum in Hamburg, Germany 
Research on Facts 
User Research
Shadowing and User Interviews. I spoke to elderly people and their families. Here are few insights from the interviews that validated our assumptions and helped us understand the user. The first 3 are the elderly personas and the next 3 are the family members of the elderly.
System Diagram Based on Research Insights
Interacting with users and empathizing with them helped us in formulating our linkage system diagram. We defined that the elderly would need an efficient less tech savvy device and the family members would need a mobile app which has device compatible features which can be quickly accessed. We strive to solve some of the problems mentioned in the above user quotes.
Information Architecture for the Mobile App
The wireframes depict the entire flow and navigation of the mobile app.
Key Interactions addressing the most prominent user activities on the mobile app
Wearable Device
The wearable device has a wrist strap, micro USB charging port, 3.5mm audio port, and an emergency alert button which immediately notifies family members and caregivers with a single press. Additionally, it has a fall detection feature which automatically detects the fall and notifies the family members and caregivers. The wearable continuously monitors the pulse rate. Mobile app receives hourly summary of the pulse rate, and also receives  alert when the pulse rate is outside the normal range.

Mobile App + Wearable Device
The upcoming reminders, alerts, messages on the dashboard of the app show up on the wearable screen as transient reminders. The reminders set on the mobile app show up on the wearable as audio visual notifications. The family members and elderly can chat using the messages feature. Messages sent from the mobile app can be heard or read on the wearable. Audio reply can be sent from the wearable.
The wearable can be pinned to clothing, attached to a walking stick wheelchair or can be worn on the hand. It has an elastic strap and a simple magnetic attachment mechanism.
Thank you.
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Created with ♡ by Pranali Linge.
© All rights reserved.

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