Spepper is a simple office/home, and stationary tool that is
a stapler and punching machine put together. Spepper is a
simple polymer injection molded product, with the mechanisms
of its consisting products intact, only reconfigured to fit in the small
casing. The assembly provides for easy replacement and addition of
staple pins with a small drawer that can be easily pulled with your
finger. Spepper relies on the visual pun of a salt and pepper shakers set.
Finalist, IF student design award 2015
Exhibited, IF design museum 2015
Published, Indian express and creative gaga, 2015

Kimono earphones brings back the Japanese traditional
dress "KIMONO" into popularity.
Winner of Toshiyuki Inoko award
Project displayed at Tokyo Design week 2014
Filtron is purifying bottle inspired from Nautilus method
of removing salt from its chamber and transferring liquid from
one chamber to another. Filtron has semipermeable membrane
which helps to purify water.
Finalist of World design impact, 2016
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